Don’t forget to check out the radar images!


Every day we check for anomalous images on Australia’s radars and post them here.  It’s building up to quite a collection! HAARP beams? Surveillance? Software glitches? Check it out now…

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Australian Frequency MAP-link

Help us explore! The attached map shows every tower, transmitter,communication beacon, both commercial and defense, in Australia. Very impressive work by the people involved. How do we use it?

If you see an anomaly, check out exactly where it came from. Check the direct communication lines from tower to tower, from transmitter to transmitter. Then zoom into the available data and check who is operating the station and for what reason.Then Google whatever you find and check the information about the station in question. Hope the link works.

If not, just go to

and navigate the site.

direct link: cut and paste,132.3294329&zoom=5&type=hybrid&auto_fetch=true&clustering=

And by the way-yes–there are some weird things happening with this blog.,132.3294329&zoom=5&type=hybrid&auto_fetch=true&clustering=true&cluster_level=16&filter=%5B%7B%22freq%22%3A25000000%2C%22freq_range%22%3A25000000%7D%5D&q=0-50mhz&tiles=%5B%7B%22t%22%3A%22u%2Fblack%22%7D%2C%7B%22t%22%3A%22e%2Fsrtm%22%2C%22v%22%3Afalse%7D%2C%7B%22t%22%3A%22s%2Fall%22%7D%2C%7B%22t%22%3A%22s%2Fmobile%22%2C%22v%22%3Afalse%7D%2C%7B%22t%22%3A%22s%2Fmobile-spectrum%22%2C%22v%22%3Afalse%7D%2C%7B%22t%22%3A%22l%2Fpoint2point%22%7D%5D
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Two “rare” annular cyclones in one week

First Cyclone Jasmine cutting an impressive track between the Pacific Islands, and then Cyclone Giovanna which quickly formed and intensified in the Indian Ocean and crossed land at Madagascar, causing death and destruction and leaving tens of thousands of people homeless.

Both systems were described by the JTWC as having temporarily reached ‘annular cyclone‘ status – a rare occurrence, apparently…

Example of the symmetry and eye structure of an annular cyclone

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Over the past month, myriads of odd beams, circles and patterns have again graced our weather sites, and the BOM explanation has become just a standard addition to their official page.

Canarvon displayed her true colours today–see HERE, and besides South Hedland, or Port Hedland playing with hoops and strobing laser-like projections a few days ago and Emerald toying with a circle,  in the far north Gove also got into the act today.

It was also interesting  to see the plethora of tiny circles dotted along the east coast, from Emerald to Victoria, with Brisbane, Cairns and Namoi being rather reserved but trying, and Alice Springs, Longreach and Tenant Creek only just exposing themselves as mere dots to the unsuspecing eye. There was also a bit of a circle in Victoria, hidden by the precipitation, and Mackay was showing a little streak of weirdness. Those straight lines, and small circles experienced there, and often accompanied by people complaining of sudden headaches, has not gone unnoticed. All for one, one for all?

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What is this satellite image actually showing during Cylone Iggy’s approach to the coast?

Cyclone Iggy is bearing down on the WA coastline, looking like intensifying into a Category 3 system at least, with talk of it reaching a higher intensity before impacting on the coastline.  At this time, it looks like  a track right into Exmouth Gulf (not a good scenario for the NWC towers…) is a possibility a few days from now; although with so many variables and so much distance still between Iggy and the coast, anything could happen.

But that’s just the background; it is this following satellite image that prompted this post.  Is this a normal cloud satellite image?

Tropical Cyclone Iggy by satellite - January 27, 2012 (Image taken from cyclone update)

UPDATE Jan 28, 11:20am WST:

The latest BoM cyclone track map now shows Iggy potentially changing course and missing a direct hit on the North West Cape – however anything could still happen.  It isn’t easy to see what’s happening on radar though,  the Learmonth radar (on the NWC) is “temporarily unavailable” …

UPDATE Jan 31, 1:00pm WST

Learmonth radar has been down again, from 3:10pm yesterday until 6:40am this morning. Considering it  is a “Dedicated Weather Watch” radar, it “should be online at all times, with images updated approximately every 10 minutes, unless there are technical difficulties or scheduled maintenance”.

With Learmonth offline overnight, for who knows what reason, it’s interesting to look at the JTWC track map published within that time frame.

JTWC update from January 30 showing a massive area of uncertainty, but certainly showing Learmonth is in the all clear.

Although Iggy is expected to travel the track shown, it potentially still could end up anywhere within the shaded area.  It’s worth noting, that shaded area, covering some 1200 kilometres of coastline, is considerably larger than usual.

Meanwhile, today’s updated JTCW map shows Iggy travelling a similar track to that shown above, but with the shaded uncertainty area halved and sitting over the region from 26 to 30 degrees south. Iggy should be no more than a low pressure system by the time it reaches the coast.

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Strange sounds around the world – ELECTROMAGNETIC FREQUENCY

Reports around the world are stating various observations of strange sounds in
the atmosphere, and the reports are coming in thick and fast. So much so that
finally, the main stream media is picking up on it.

If one thinks back, the present sounds are very similar to the sounds recorded
by the USC students, of radio waves emitted by comet Elenin, with the emphasis on RADIO WAVES.

It appears that many observers experience some form of FEAR, VIBRATION, AWE, NAUSEA, DIZZINESS and even visual hallucinations, an identified sign of electromagnetic
radiation (during the war it was referred to as Radiation sickness).

The ‘strange sounds’ business is just about to go into overdrive for 2012.
Fake videos, as always, instantly detract from the reality of what others have reported.
When one is faced with the choice of instant dismissal or further investigation, it is important to acknowledge that the majority of people do have lives, and are not out to screw the internet world with hoaxes and manufactured mysteries. The majority of the strange sounds have been recorded by genuinely amazed folks who recorded what they heard.
Research has found numerous reports dating back many years, and an explanation has been unavailable, although many possibilities have been described. The cell phone video recording phenomena had not yet fully established itself in the earlier years. It is now more difficult to simply dismiss an event as an “illusion” or something only experienced by the individual, as a recording for all to hear does pack a lot of clout.

Sure, the fakers are smiling.

But what is the scientific conclusion for the myriads of actual reports posted by a startled community, and verified by many others in a region?

On a scientific level, the most interesting report is this one from 2004:

Naturally, the sounds that people described were initially dismissed as “illusion” and “imagination”, with the possibility that some people may be highly attuned to certain natural sounds, which only they can observe.
That particular section of the report can now be emphatically dismissed.
The report also looks at cellular phones, LORAN broadcasts, HAARP, TACAMO, and VLF.

Could this tie in with strange radar anomalies; extra energy in the jet-stream; increased EMF shields around the world as a matter of security; Tesla experimentation; the HAARP network upping the ante?

You betcha!

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Radiation cloud “not harmful”… Brilliant, but WHERE did it come from?

14th January 2012

A RADIOACTIVE cloud lingering off the Sunshine Coast on Sunday was not dangerous, according to the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency.

Caloundra IT manager Peter Daley picked up the cloud’s radioactivity on his Geiger counter, a device that measures ionizing radiation in the atmosphere.

The reading was taken at 6.30pm and measured 0.80 microsieverts, which is eight times over the average level of radiation in the atmosphere.

Mr Daley said he was concerned the cloud could have formed from a radioactive fall out from the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan.

“This may be just a one off but even still, any exposure to an increase in radiation is not good,” Mr Daley said.

He first noticed the hike when his Geiger counter began erratically beeping.

He then watched the rise in radiation fluctuate for three hours, peaking for 20 minutes at 0.80.

“I was shocked to hear the Geiger alarm going off, I have been recording radiation in the atmosphere for four years and the highest it has ever gone was 0.20 microsieverts.”

Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency senior environmental scientist Marcus Grezechnik said the reading was unusual but not concerning for the Coast.

“It is very unlikely to be caused from Fukushima, but more likely to be caused by a weather change or dust,” Dr Grezechnik said.

“It is not seen as a big increase although it is higher than average. To put everyone’s mind at ease, even if you were receiving that dose every hour for a full year you would have less dose than one CAT Scan.”

He said radiation from the Fukushima nuclear disaster had only been recorded in Australia once since the incident occurred in March 11.

“All reactors at the Fukushima Dai-ichi site were now in cold shutdown, significantly reducing the likelihood of uncontrolled releases to the environment and associated health impacts,” he said

Ok then. Maybe it is from Fukushima, maybe it isn’t.  As always, the professionals have spoken and the “explanation” is as empty as a beer barrel at a football final.

Our minds are definitely NOT at ease, Dr Grezechnik.

Where did this high dose of radiation come from? Did it just manifest in our atmosphere, out of the blue?

Could it have had something to do with the weird and wonderful—I shudder to use the word—HAARP network radar anomalies we have been catching over the past few weeks?
A few too many microwaves, perhaps?

A few upper atmospheric nuclear explosion experiments we don’t need to hear about? I think that particular experimental project is high on the agenda at the moment, is it not? More dead creatures in our waters pretty soon?

Ahhh, the power of all this wonderful technology…

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