President Obama musing.

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The speech by President Obama in Parliament this morning has left me second guessing the objective of this blog.

Where would we be without technology? The world would be boring. Technology allows us to explore and see nature in an explicit and magnified manner. This would never have been achieved were it not for the entrepreneurs, the lateral thinkers, the mad scientists, those who were prepared to step outside the box.

As this is a musing, not to be confused with amusing, let me get a few things out of the way here:
I am not an obsessed with green values.
I don’t approve of the carbon tax.
I loathe hearing about our birds and sea life suffering due to man-made perils introduced to their domain.
I am not a fan of being subjected to an experiment.

Yet when the experiment ultimately leads to a cure, or gives some sort of benefit that only scientific experimentations has paved the way for, I am grateful. Experimentation on all levels can, therefore, be a conundrum.

We bleat and cry about the harm of radio frequencies, microwaves and scalar waves, amongst many other things, but if the announcement is made that a new device has been launched to divert a threatening asteroid, or to steer a monstrous storm, or to provide life saving surgery, we will all applaud and praise the powers who have dared to venture into the realm of discovery, interference and experimentation to allow the new discoveries to manifest.

Are we therefore all hypocrites?

We argue that the manipulation of our lives, our weather, our financial systems, derides the supposed freedom that a democracy embraces, and therefore we protest and expose and hope to spread “the word” so that others may become aware of what is going on in the world.

Those of us aware however, are still not prepared to give up our internet, our Facebook, our email, our mobile phones, our comforts – so what exactly is the point of gaining all this knowledge?

Watching President Obama address the parliament, it was obvious that this great man is honest in his belief that America is the greatest nation on earth, the keeper of the peace, the provider of security and freedom, the ever watchful nation who promotes civil liberty on a global scale. Whether expanding Darwin into an other high-profile military base, obviously with an increased testing programme involving land, air and sea is going to be beneficial to us, in the short-term, I do not know.

Watching the room full of politicians, it also appeared that their priority indeed lies with the preservation and advancement of their country. The protection of its people and its resources appears to be the ultimate quest.

I also fully agree that without government, anarchy rules, and in a land where freedom is accepted as a civil right, there is no reason for anarchy. Society needs to be led.

So, with this insight, inspired by the Presidential visit, why do I feel that there is still the need for some of us to be activists, to demand a greater transparency of what we, the populace, are being subjected to, despite the possibility of alternative and even positive outcomes?
Has the greatest whistle-blower of our time – Julian Assange – achieved anything on a global scale, except to ensure a place in our history books, by exposing and digging for answers, on a grand scale? We know what happened in Iraq, yet we still extend the hand of friendship to the perpetrators.

Does it matter if we find that our weather is indeed being manipulated, for whatever cause, if the eventual outcome of this global experiment turns out to be for the good of mankind?
Rain will be produced over drought-ridden nations; violent storms will be able to be steered and diverted to areas where the moisture will do more benefit then damage; and the technology being tested will provide the much-needed security for a nation with a perimeter of accessible coastline. Our technology will increase in leaps and bounds, to meet the needs of the 21st Century. If we become complacent, we would be at the mercy of those nations who are waiting for an opportunity to embezzle our resources and food.

It’s a ‘dog eat dog’ world.

Controlling the weather is the ultimate control agenda.

Are all the negatives associated with this joining of forces, in the rebuilding of the global megapower, America, our ally, our friend, too costly for humanity to bear?

Can we find a positive somewhere outside financial gain and border security,  which makes the strengthening of the US/Australia defence bond all the more worthwhile?

The American DOD and its affiliates are the strongest proponents of altering the weather, for their many purposes. Will  climate change, health issues and unpredictable weather outcomes be the price we pay for being such good friends?

A Presidential visit temporarily makes one see things through  rose-coloured glasses, which most people wear. Yet, as soon as the glasses are removed the gut feeling still tells me that something is just not quite right. Perhaps if all the experiments in the name of progress were as transparent as they are made out to be, we would refrain from persisting with the questions.

The bottom line may be that a minority of folks do not like being taken for a fool.
With eyes wide open we should keep asking the questions, even if it is to exercise the liberty and freedom our leaders proclaim.

Which, on this blog, brings us back to the weather.

What are those rings and beams and lines exactly? What do they do in relation to storms and rain?
What are you doing to our weather, Obama, Julia, and Ban Ki-moon? What and why?
Why can you not tell us, if there is no hidden agenda, and it is all for our benefit?

Mr President, my speech may not be as eloquent as yours, but the intentions of the words may be more far-reaching than your facts and statements, for they are the words of an average person facing an inner battle who is deciding what is right and what is wrong.

You stated that you have taken a liking to our use of slang with particular emphasis placed on the word ‘earbashing’. We would be only too happy to oblige you with putting this slang to the test, if you could answer the questions of “what exactly is going on?”. I like you, but I loathe the people who placed you there.

God bless America, God bless Australia and God bless the common people who want to find the answers to so many of the unanswered questions which affect life on a daily basis.
President Obama, how about just a little more disclosure, so we can all feel secure, in a blanket of trust?





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