19th NOVEMBER 2011- Busy weekend

Wow, it looked like a coordinated effort today. Spectrum beams pulsating from Kalgoorlie, Cairns and Rockhampton. The omnipresent Rockhampton “interference” beams were busy being interfered with. These beams have been present in North Queensland for weeks, on and off, and I am certain that the term “software glitch” does not apply, as the beams are not static. They dance, in a highly choreographed manner, spreading out over a distance from Toowoomba in the south to Bowen in the North, which is about double the normal range a weather radar covers. The additional pulsation captured around midnight, taking advantage of the diurnal ionospheric modulation, has me about 99% sure that we are looking at military surveillance or communication here. But where is it coming from?

A co-investigator may have the clue we are looking for. See the pics below.

It is also interesting that on the BOM charts, these anomalies have been edited out, and that the nearest radar at Gladstone has been offline, supposedly reopening on the 18th -but that was yesterday. Perhaps it had to endure a “shut down” period whilst the project is going on in Rockhampton, so as to not cause the “interference” we are being told the beams are being caused by?

Sorry BOM. A shut down radar, and the beams are still coming strong and fast.

The beam sweeps appear to cover the entire mining area and the new natural gas project in the Gladstone area. Surveillance and security, and what else is going on? Because in Mackay, after a brilliant day with blue sky, at around 11.30 pm, odd wispy but super dense and dark grey clouds covered the area resulting in a heavy downpour for about 10 minutes. The odd cloud started to appear around sunset, and it was in fact so odd that I snapped a shot. Food for thought, and it could have been a coincidence, but it was the reason that I started checking all the radar maps. Enjoy the captures, and any feed back is welcome. A closer look at these spectrum beams will be posted in the next couple of days.









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