An interesting bit of food for thought regarding the Queensland floods?
Looks like the word “chemtrails” is definitely an outdated word linked to a lot of adverse reaction.
From now on we will simply call it “cloud seeding”, “rain augmentation” or “weather modification”.
There is no possible denial that this exists and is being used by our government, on a regular basis.
Mt Stapylton radar, Brisbane, has been specifically upgraded to accommodate the “research”, in conjunction with the CSIRO research facility in Redland Plains, Brisbane.
That little bit of information is not made so easy to find when perusing the radar networks and instrument details on the Bureau’s official site.
Mt Stapylton radar down AGAIN? Perhaps it is just being used for other purposes, for a short duration?
Summer is the optimum time in Queensland for cloud seeding – it certainly would be fine to obtain the flight data to see exactly when these guys are in the air spraying their silver iodide .
2010-2011 records would be very interesting to read.


The 200+ page report linked above describes details of  the Dec 2007-March 2008 and the Nov 2008-Feb 2009 seasons in which seeding research was undertaken, between November and March.  Hang on…wasn’t Brisbane’s “The Gap Storm” inside that time frame?


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