17th January -The Latest Circular Anomaly in NSW

Weather modifications? Earthquakes? There are many theories on the net thanks to growing curiosity about the origins of the strange radar signatures we have been experiencing here in Australia. Below is another interesting theory, connecting Tesla technology, which is one of the subjects studied at Stanford, in conjunction with the VLF studies and HAARP, and manmade earthquakes.

Video by weatherornut

Today, yet another thick ringed circle was observed, covering a large area of Northern NSW. The Namoi radar station appears to be the site emitting the signature frequency, but what is even more interesting are the beams we can see flashing inconsistantly from the centre. Why is this interesting?  The “saw tooth” beams have been captured on many occasions, but seldom as clearly as in this particular anomaly. From this, it is now, in my opinion, conclusive that they are indeed part of a massive EMF interference and not just an occassional software glitch. We have had reports of an increase in wind gust speeds in this particular area at the time of the anomaly, which also increases the chances of this being some kind of weather interference.

Is it just the Doppler picking up the increase in the windspeeds and this somehow transferring into an anomalous radar signature, or is the Doppler sending out pulsed bursts of EMF, which is picked up as significant interference on the weather radar?

On the 8th of January, the same signature occurred at Namoi, and a month ago, another similar anomaly was captured in Albany:


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2 Responses to 17th January -The Latest Circular Anomaly in NSW

  1. beckparker says:

    Being in this area (Warialda NSW) It was a very strange day! I had noticed the wheel on the radar, and wasnt sure what to make of it. There were unusual winds, wild birds acting odd (flying in at unusual times, fighting among normally happy groups) even the kids were complaining of not feeling well. I will keep an eye out for it again when it comes up on the radar again, and make better observations. Love the info! 😀

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