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Hi everyone,

Cliffhanger here. I have never really been a weather freak. I used the weather maps to check out the forecasts, to look at the rain radar images, and mainly to keep an eye on any major storms and cyclones which were ready to track my way. I was probably just like you, and didn’t really understand what the radar images meant, and therefore I didn’t pick out the daily oddities and anomalies which were there for all to see.

That was until I stumbled across a thread started by Jax, on the Australian Weatherzone forum.

Jax had been noticing these anomalies for some time, and was posting the images and questioning their existance on the forum. There were no valid answers.

I’ve since began some serious investigations, and have found that there are many implications pointing to the obvious fact that there is SOMETHING going on with the radar beyond mere weather observations and monitoring of weather balloons.

There is no conspiracy theory background, there was no alternative veiwpoint to begin with. The interest exploded from mere observation and disbelief.

My investigations led to JORN, HAARP, CSIRO, the BOM, the IPS, the VLF group, SUPERDARN, DOPE, UHF, ELF and VLF, X-band radars, ham radio, repeater stations, MAGDAS, and everything else associated with the global network trying to modify our weather systems, for whatever purpose – and I’m convinced that, whatever the reason, it is NOT a good thing.

EYES WIDE OPEN, people. There is no more time to sleep.


Hi and welcome,

It’s Jax here.  My interest in radar anomalies began while watching the news on tv, when I saw a huge circle flash on the Gove radar while Cyclone Yasi was crossing the Queensland coast.  It was just weird!  I figured someone among the avid weather watchers on the Weatherzone forum could explain it, so I posted a photo of the image and asked what might have caused it.

The “maybe”, “could be”, “might be” explanations that came of posting not only that image, but other anomalies I began noticing just didn’t gel for me.  My own research revealed that it wasn’t the first time these images had been seen, and that Australia wasn’t the only radar system seeing them.  I ended up in the rabbit hole that begins with Googling HAARP – a ride that is as fascinating as it is disturbing.

I have to give credit to Cliffhanger, who took the forum conversation to an entirely new level, and who introduced insightful connections to technologies and science more plausible than the software issues and radar glitches the forum’s unofficial radar expert put forward.

So anyway, keep an open mind while you have a look around – after all, it’s your world and your weather that’s being messed with.


A repost of the opening site welcome is as follows:

Australia is in the grip of some very strange weather patterns – massive cyclones, historic flooding, snow and hail out of season and increasing violent storm cells have become the norm. Could this be due to experimentation? Australia is involved with HAARP,  Stanford University’s VFL group and myriads of other university projects sponsored by the US military and the Australian government. And we have the worlds largest ionospheric heater at Western Australia’s Exmouth.

Australia is the ideal experimentation ground, and we, the general public, don’t even know! Is it possible? Are we being conned?

The official explanation for the daily occurances of confusing and anomalous radar images is that they are caused by software glitches, or some kind of “interference patterns” which cannot be explained. The government has paid millions of dollars to upgrade the stations over the past couple of years and has engaged with a plethora of major international co operative projects to improve our weather observation capability. The majority of these projects lead to the HAARP project.

In fact, Australia now has the most powerful ionospheric heater in the world right on the fair shores of Western Australia, and a national network of integrated “observational” stations spread strategically throughout the nation.

The name of our main heater is the NWC (North West Cape) transmitter. Just Google “VLF group” and “NWC transmitter” and scientific documents relating to experiments carried out in our atmosphere will fill your desktop.

Are we picking up segments of these experiments on the radar images?

Or are they software glitches – million dollar mistakes on a daily basis?

What exactly is the unexplainable “interference”? Because almost a year’s research certainly precludes sunrises and sunsets, flocks of birds or swarms of insects on the majority of the captured frames.

The information is here for you to check.

Make up your own mind and let the radar images do the talking.


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8 Responses to About us

  1. HELLO
    I have searched for you for years. I saw the first anomaly over Kalgoorlie and wrote a few letters to BOM, got no replies, got stupid replies. I have always watched weather. I also studied quake prediction via clouds on flash earth, but NASA shut down the feed and I cant get high res photos any more. I follow this thread via the bots, weatheror, Colin Andrews, Dutch, Sheila, Flanders etc.
    i am overjoyed at finally finding this blog. I knew a group was out there but could never find it.
    YES, YES, YES!!!!!!!!

    • Hey, welcome aboard Lawrenceofarabiauchlan…can we call you Lawrence? lol. We try and catch any anomalies and update regularly, but anytime you see something we miss or if you have anything to add to the blog, please feel free to post. Cheers.

  2. Hi All
    You guys will be ahead of me on the spotting, I am VERY interested on what is causing the anomalies, if they are artifacts of an external source or actual transmissions. I then want to know what they are actually doing.
    If any of you know how to get high resolution cloud data , as on MODIS, it would be greatly appreciated as I was having some success following banded clouds and quakes.
    Much Love

  3. Hi all
    My last love, quake clouds, those ripple clouds, Tell me they dont work
    Go to Modis today
    Go to modis today
    Go back to feb 10, click on top of calif/ Or. border or USA1 and tell me quake clouds dont work!!!!!!!
    That is a CLASSIC set of quake clouds.
    Some say HAARP forms up these types of clouds as well.
    BOM radar bippin and zippin, Weatheror nut has a ring on Geralton WA

  4. That was a dud link above. If you are watching BOM on Sunday night you will observe a bit of radar flash and such but look at that channel / vortex of moist air streaming in from the far north. Surreal. Weatherornut is putting interesting anomalies out of NZ. I wonder if they are helping to influence this “big wet” episode.?
    BTW where is the rest of your blog / forum???
    Stay dry.

  5. Nigel says:

    Interesting….we are getting the same Rain Radar anomalies here in New Zealand (HAARP) very frequently over the last few months. Circles, triangles, scalar squares, pulsing lines//,,,,its all there. I am recording much of it and have written a couple of articles about it so far. Would like to hear from you and compare notes.

    • Hi Nigel. Sorry, have had other pressing commitments for the past few months, and the radar here in Oz has been awfully quiet for some reason. Please do share your notes. We are extremely interested in what other fellow watchers have observed and deduced.New Zealand is totally on line with HAARP.Stanford has a huge interest in NZ due to the proximity of the South Pole, and all the EMF monitoring ( and transmitting) stations there. Russia and China are also very keen on experimenting in that region. Lets compare notes.

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