HAARP / NWC connection

The ionospheric heating facility at the NWC / Harold Holt base at Exmouth, Western Australia, is the strongest heating facility in the southern hemisphere. It is directly linked to the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP). The CIA operates through this facility, and one of its roles is surveillance and naval communication. NWC is also directly linked to the Australian JORN project. Concerns are raised as to the extent of the surveillance programs; the extent of experimentation funded by defense; the implications of scalar weapon ability; and, weather modification and manipulation for military purposes.

NWC vfl propagation path

NWC is situated in a prime position to take advantage of maximum experimentations. The facility runs constantly, modifying the ionosphere for its communications and monitoring. A plethora of documentation can be found to verify the experiments and to see the results.

Click on this LINK to get direct access to documents in relation to the NWC heating facility.

Please check back often , as the documents will be updated as more relevant ones are found.

With regard to the weather in Australia, our main concern is the well documented
west to east drift of electron bursts. The energy shot into the atmosphere to alter the plasma in the ionosphere trickles down into the lower atmospheric layers, and then gets caught up in the jetstream, which moves from West Australia to East Australia.

Recent abnormal flooding episodes and anomalous weather systems has led to many question the possibility of man-made interference into our natural weather patterns. Australia is a land ‘of drought and flooding rains’. It would be tempting for anyone in power to try to alter this natural weather pattern, for future use on a global scale. He who controls the weather controls the planet.

Is this what is happening at the NWC facility?

http://www.cawcr.gov.au/publications/technicalreports/CTR_ 024.pdf
“An important meteorological variable which has generally not been homogenized is water vapour. While it is nominally only a ‘trace gas’, water vapour is of fundamental importance in the atmosphere. Its relative concentration impacts the thermodynamic, dynamic and radiative characteristics of the atmosphere on all time and space scales.

Accurate measurement of its concentration and a thorough understanding of its variability are essential for understanding atmospheric circulations ranging from the micro-scale to the climate.”

What if a huge amount of heated energy blasted constantly into the atmosphere could alter the water vapour concentration?

The following is from this 2004 bulletin:  http://www.ioci.org.au/pdf/IOCI_Bulletin5.pdf

 Southward shift of the upper atmosphere’s westerly jetstream over southern Australia.

“Dr. Carsten Frederiksen reported to IOCIP 19 on comparative studies of July’s atmospheric circulation in the southern hemisphere before and after the reduction in South West mean rainfall.
Comparisons for the periods 1949-68 and 1975-94 identified significant changes. These included a southward shift and a 20 per cent reduction in strength of the westerly jetstream in the upper atmosphere over southern Australia.

The observed circulation changes are associated with a reduction in the north-south temperature gradient across the area. In this respect they appear to be consistent with global warming.
The changes are important. The strength of the temperature gradient, and of the jetstream, are major drivers in development of the mid-latitude low-pressure disturbances responsible for much of SW WA’s winter rainfall. Studies for IOCI by Frederiksen and Frederiksen have found that cyclogenesis, i.e. the development of such low pressure systems, was around 33 per cent weaker over the southern Australian region in 1975-94 compared with 1949-68. This is consistent with the reduction in rainfall over SW WA.
The studies also found that the centre of the dominant storm track had shifted eastward, downstream from WA.”

Has the natural weather system been modified in some way since 1968?

electron burst path from NWC


For past in-depth discussions, please go to the weather forum

“The changes are important. The strength of the temperature gradient, and of the jetstream, are major drivers in development of the mid-latitude low-pressure disturbances responsible for much of SWWA’s winter rainfall.”


NWC jetstreamdata


3 Responses to HAARP / NWC connection

  1. Adam says:

    What is that “spike” emanating from Wyndham, Western Australia today (16th November 2011)? “Shooting” 200km north. Much interest in this information, thank you.

    • Hi Adam,
      We saw the ‘spike’ as well, and will be posting more information on this soon. These spikes, or spectrum lines appear regularly, in a pulsation pattern, from several stations, but particularly from Wyndham and Halls creek. We are trying to ascertain if they have any relevance to the beams coming from Port Headland..Jax has a record of these spikes for the last year and we will be investigating the timing etc, to try to pin point what is happening. In my next post I will try to give some info on this, and if you have any ideas or input, please let us know.

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